Horses of Tir Na Nog

Joela Karamel

Gender: Mare

Breed: Doc Bar Quarter Horse

Approximate Date of Birth: 1/1/2002


Joela is a PMU foal. As a doc bar quarter horse, she is a small, sturdy horse. Sun glistens off of her liver coat like a shinny new penny, causing everyone to take a second look at the “plain red pony” that lives with Cimarron.

Joela and Cimarron share a remarkable equine friendship. They seldom move more than a few feet away from each other. This friendship was forged when they were housed with a larger group of horses. Cimarron was solidly positioned high on the “pecking order” common in horse herds. Joela was situated squarely at the bottom. For some reason, Cimarron took Joela under her wing and never ran her off from food or attention. It was obvious that Joela drew confidence from Cimarron. So, when Cimarron was moved into a corral to further her training, there was no doubt that Joela needed to be moved with her.

Joela is responding well to operant conditioning and has become a much more confident horse. Although she has had problems having her feet handled in the past, operant conditioning has facilitated dramatic improvement. She now allows her feet to be safely handled. As we continue her training, we look forward to continued successes. Joela is a pleasure to work with as she seems to enjoy training and pleasing people.

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