Horses of Tir Na Nog


Gender: Mare

Breed: Unknown

Approximate Date of Birth: 1/1/1986


Too Little Time

We had far too little time with Snowflake. She was rescued by County of San Diego Department of Animal Services when she was abandoned in Alpine in August of 2014. We initially met her when she was at ECLAP receiving care for a leg wound and we were beginning to set up for our 100 Day Celebration for Zhen Zhen. In addition to the leg wound, this sweet old girl was missing a couple of teeth and had other teeth that were worn down too low to chew hay. So she required a pelleted diet. Unfortunately, she required immediate placement at a time when our sanctuary was full.  Fortunately, we were able to board her at a wonderful ranch in Lakeside, Sun Bear Ranch, where she was given the name “Snowflake.” 

With love and care, this very sweet mare flourished. She proved herself to be full of life once she received the food and care she needed. The scrawny, depressed mare initially rescue was replaced by a strikingly beautiful, well mannered mare. The leg wound that contributed to the urgency of her placement proved to be particularly challenging, but the owner of Sun Bear Ranch would not be deterred.

As has happened before, as our horses recover and begin to thrive, it is easy to forget how medically vulnerable they are. Unexpectedly On April 27, Snowflake developed a wound in her mouth. When our veterinarian arrived, she diagnosed a “summer sore” (a common term for a skin condition caused by the larve of Habronema worms.) While challenging, this sore was a secondary concern to the multiple melanoma growths in her mouth. These growths were untreatable and had reached a point where they were causing her discomfort. In order to avoid prolonged suffering, the difficult decision was made the say farewell to this special girl.

Truly, none of our horses ever have “enough time” with us. They all leave us much too soon, but nine months is much too short of a time. While we are saddened that Snowflake never made it “home” to Horses of Tir Na Nog’s sanctuary, we know that she had the best possible care at Sun Bear Ranch.

We create a safe haven for horses that have few options remaining, thereby ensuring them a better quality of life.

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