Horses of Tir Na Nog


Gender: Mare

Breed: Thoroughbred

Approximate Date of Birth: 1/1/1995

1995 – August 7, 2015

Blow,Wind, Blow!

Mariah came to us in May of 2011. She was rescued by the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services as a stray from Boulevard. At the time, she was significantly underweight and carried several old scars that our veterinarians believe might have been caused from being hobbled. A difficult foaling at some time in her life left her with permanent damage.

Mariah had once been a racing thoroughbred, but her tattoo was too faded to read. The day Mariah arrived at the sanctuary, high winds accompanied her, making Mariah the perfect name for her. It was easy to imagine a younger, healthier Mariah racing the wind around a track.

During her years with us Mariah blossomed. She became a strikingly beautiful mare with natural dappling to her coat. Her good looks were only enhanced by her personality. She defied the stereotype of thoroughbreds by proving herself to be a calm, respectful girl who became a favorite among volunteers.

On July 31, Mariah demonstrated signs of colic. Our veterinarians from ECLAP did their best to help her recover, checking her daily for the next four days. Mariah seemed to be improving following IV fluids, two mineral oil treatments and aggressive pain medications. Then suddenly, one week after the symptoms first appeared they returned, and much more severe. At that point the difficult determination was made that she was unlikely to fully recover and she was humanely euthanized.

A few hours after her passing, a beautiful, cooling wind passed over the ranch. After a week of high temperatures, the wind was a wonderful gift. Perhaps that wind was Mariah, passing among her friends in a final farewell, letting them all know that she was no longer in pain and that she was now racing the wind itself. Blow, wind, blow . . . run, Mariah, run!

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