Horses of Tir Na Nog


Gender: Mare

Breed: Arabian Quarter Horse Cross

Approximate Date of Birth: 1/1/1995


Animal Services rescued a stray mare in San Diego’s North County in September 2015. The mare waited for weeks in the shelter for her owners to come forward and claim her. Even though she was underweight and needed hoof care, unlike other “stray” horses, Luna did not appear to have been neglected or abused. In fact, she looked as though she had once had a loving home. However, no one ever came forward to claim her so she was put up for adoption. During her time at the shelter, Animal Services gave this beautiful mare an equally beautiful name, Luna. Unfortunately, lameness in her right front leg significantly reduced her odds of being adopted.

X-rays showed that this lameness was caused by advanced-stage ringbone, a common type of arthritis. Fortunately for her, the joint was close to fusing, which would reduce her discomfort. This diagnoses, however, also meant an end to her riding career, making it extremely unlikely that she would be adopted.

Horses of Tir Na Nog was happy to welcome Luna into our herd in November 2015. She receives pain medication daily for her arthritis, similar to humans who take daily medication for achy joints. In spite of her arthritis, Luna loves flirting with her neighbors and seems to enjoy flaunting her beauty. She is, after all, a strikingly attractive horse. As an older gray, her coat is now pure white. She is beautifully built and has a commanding presence. Luna is the perfect name for this mare who reminds us of a full moon on a clear, starry night.

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