Horses of Tir Na Nog


Gender: Gelding

Breed: Mule

Approximate Date of Birth: 1/1/2008


Horses of Tir Na Nog derives its name from an Irish legend of the land of youth. A central character in this legend is a white stallion. In February 2012, a white stallion arrived at Horses of Tir Na Nog, but this little guy is as far from the legend's character as can be. He is actually a hinny, a mule that results from a horse sire (dad) and a donkey dam (mom). Given his size, his sire is suspected to be a Shetland pony.

The County of San Diego Department of Animal Services picked up the four-year old after he was found running loose down a busy road in the El Cajon area. When his owners failed to come forward to claim him, he was placed with Horses of Tir Na Nog. 

"Bán" was chosen as his name several weeks after his arrival at Horses of Tir Na Nog. The name means white in Irish. 

While Bán is still in training, he will be a wonderful educational ambassador for us. When people first meet Bán, they think he is a miniature horse. However when he vocalizes, there is no doubt that he is a mule. He will help people learn the differences between burros, horses, and mules, even if he is pint-sized.

We create a safe haven for horses that have few options remaining, thereby ensuring them a better quality of life.

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