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Bucket Brigade!

Help our horses, join the Bucket Brigade!

Buckets are an important part of life at Horses of Tir Na Nog . . .
• Each horse has a “feed bucket,” in a specific color to match the color of his/her corral buddies. We have 15 colors!
• Each group of corral buddies has a “grooming bucket” to hold their own set of brushes and combs.
• We have “medical care” buckets: a wound care bucket; a hoof abscess bucket; a laminitis bucket . . .
• We have large water buckets and muck buckets.
• And we have buckets that the horses think were made specifically to knock over!

Dear Friends of Horses of Tir Na Nog,
Today, we are asking you to help us fill some very special buckets, our sponsorship buckets. Full
sponsorship for a horse is $2,000. This covers the basic food and care costs for a year. Veterinary care and medical needs add another $1,000 to a horse’s annual costs. We have set up a “bucket” for each horse still in need of sponsorship in 2011. We need your help to fill these empty buckets. Your gift of $25, $50, $100 or more will be added to other gifts in the bucket to help us reach $2,000 per bucket.

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