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The Joanne Fund

In memory of a very special mare and a very special friend.

This special fund is named in memory of Joanne Siebenaler and a very special mare who was also named in Joanne Siebenaler’s memory.

The mare Joanne came to us an unnamed, emaciated rescue from County of San
Diego Department of Animal Services on November 1, 2009. It was clear that
Joanne’s life had been tough. Extensive scaring in her right eye had left that eye blind. She had been branded at least three times. The branding on her left shoulder was nothing more than a large, crude scarring of three letters. In spite of the difficulties and the prolonged starvation Joanne had experienced, she had a wonderful spirit. She was friendly and trusting.

On December 12, 2009, our hearts broke as Joanne was humanely euthanized
following a diagnosis of a broken elbow. She had taken a tumble in her corral, one that most horses would have simply shaken off. Sadly, prolonged emaciation had robbed her bones of important nutrients, in all likelihood causing osteoporosis which made her bones fragile.

When Joanne left us, she took pieces of our hearts with her, but thanks to the
generosity of her sponsor, Joanne will not be forgotten. The dollars initially donated for her sponsorship have been transferred to a special fund, called the Joanne Fund. This fund recognizes Joanne Siebernaler’s love of animals, and our beautiful Joanne.

The Joanne Fund is intended to be a temporary safety-net, allowing us to say “yes” to the next County of San Diego Department of Animal Services horse in need without having to wait for a sponsor to step forward. Once a sponsor is found for the new resident, the Joanne Fund will be “refreshed” so that it is available for the next horse in need.

We encourage you to be part of our safety net for abused and neglected horses in San Diego County and donate to the Joanne Fund today!

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