• Approximate Date of Birth: April, 2014
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  • Gender: Mare
  • Breed: Mustang

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KayMa's Gallery

My Story

On August 5, 2012, Animal Services rescued a group of mustangs as part of a local hoarding investigation. All of the mustangs were emaciated. They were descendants of a trio of mustangs originally acquired more than 15 years earlier and allowed to breed indiscriminately. The herd was not receiving enough feed and this group of mares and fillies were in the worst condition.


On August 11, 2012, Horses of Tir Na Nog became aware of the mustangs in the care of Animal Services. Based on the extensive resources required to recover these six horses, veterinary and behavioral evaluations deemed them to be non-adoptable following their recovery. We were the only alternative to euthanasia for these horses. By August 18, we had acquired the use of eight acres of range land adjoining our sanctuary.


This herd defied the odds and recovered fully from their neglect. They are now all healthy and active. They spend their days resting in the shade of oak trees, foraging for grass, and playing with each other. In other words, they spend their days being horses.


All of the horses were given names drawn from the Kumeyaay language. The Kumeyaay are Native American people of the extreme southwestern United States and northwest Mexico.


We believe KayMa is Yeah TaNuk’s youngest daughter, which would also make her UuMunm’s younger sister. When KayMa was rescued by Animal Services she was only as few months old. Her legs were terribly crooked, reflecting her life-long nutritional deficits. For this reason she was given the name KayMa, which means May She Dance. Her name is pronounced “kay MAH.”


KayMa is easy to identify due to her long forelock. This forelock often parts in the middle, reminding us of Alfalfa, the Little Rascal.


KayMa was rescued with another young filly, WeSaii. They are closely bonded. KayMa is not as adventurous as her buddy, but she is always quick to follow WeSaii on her adventures. This meant she became very friendly toward people based on WeSaii’s comfort with people. In 2015 KayMa did go on adventure of her own though when she walked through the wire fencing surrounding the habitat. Once she was through the fencing she calmly walked down the ranch road and was found patiently waiting at the gate to the Mustang Habitat. You could almost hear her say, “WeSaii made me do it.”