• Approximate Date of Birth: 1994
  • Sponsor:
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Breed: Burro

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Jack's Gallery

My Story

In November 2012, the ASPCA made a plea to qualified rescues and sanctuaries to help a Southern California equine rescue that was facing the painful task of closing. While Horses of Tir Na Nog’s primary focus is to take in animals rescued by County of San Diego Department of Animal Services, we also value our long-term partnership with the ASPCA, so we offered to take in two burros that had not yet found a placement.

Jack was one of the two, Jill was the other. Jack arrived cautious of people. However, with the help of our other, more social burros, he soon discovered that volunteers wielding brushes were a good thing. Even now, he still waits politely for a couple of other burros to get brushed before taking his turn.

Jack is much taller than our other burros, so he makes a good play mate for Sultan, our wannabe burro. They love playing tug of war with their jolly ball. Jack’s fondness for picking things up with his mouth has lead to some wonderful photos, including those for our annual Bowling for Burros fundraiser.