• Approximate Date of Birth: 1999
  • Sponsor:
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Breed: Burro

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Jethro's Gallery

My Story

Jethro and his best buddy Ellie Mae (named after the brother and sister characters in the Beverly Hillbillies, with a slightly different spelling) were rescued by County of San Diego Department of Animal Services as strays in Boulevard. His hooves were terribly overgrown and he showed other signs of neglect.

His owner never came forward to claim him or Ellie Mae. After having their health issues addressed by Animal Services staff, they were put up for adoption. The burros were a tightly bonded pair and need to stay together. When a suitable adoptive home wasn’t found, both Jethro and Ellie Mae were placed with Horses of Tir Na Nog in September 2009.

While Jethro’s feet were initailly fairly sore, he has responded well to careful farrier work. At the ranch, Jethro and Ellie Mae live with another burro, Milton Burro. All three get along very well. They are joined by Sultan. Sultan met Jethro and Ellie Mae while being cared for by Animal Services. Now Sultan cannot be apart from his burros.

Jethro is an easy-going burro who always follows his buddies around the ranch. He likes nothing better than to be loved by our volunteers.