Ms. Sugar

  • Approximate Date of Birth: 1985
  • Sponsor:
  • Gender: Mare
  • Breed: Thoroughbred

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Ms. Sugar's Gallery

My Story

Ms. Sugar arrived at Horses of Tir Na Nog in September of 2010. She arrived with her buddy Rio. We know as little about her as we do about him. Ms. Sugar has a faded tattoo, which indicated she was once part of the Thoroughbred racing industry. Somehow she ended up at "A Children’s Village," a partner of Fr. Joe’s Villages in Campo. Here it appears that she met Rio, a retired polo pony. From "A Children’s Village," she and Rio went to a private home.

Unfortunately, the home met challenging times. Divorce, unemployment, death of the family member who had developed a relationship with Ms. Sugar, and finally foreclosure, all came crashing down on the new owner. These events combined to add Ms. Sugar and Rio to the ranks of “at risk” horses in San Diego County. Tijuana River Valley Animal Rescue stepped in to help. The hope was to take both horses into their care and find adoptive homes for them. Unfortunately, both Rio and Ms. Sugar showed lameness issues that made them strong candidates for sanctuary placement. X-rays showed that Ms. Sugar has a partially fused hock on her left rear leg. This probably resulted from an injury years earlier and is commonly attributed to horses kicking at a fence.

While Tijuana River Valley Animal Rescue works to find a permanent placement for these two buddies, they are staying with us at Horses of Tir Na Nog.

When she arrived, Ms. Sugar was in a significant amount of pain. Fortunately, regular foot care and daily pain medications have dramatically increased Ms. Sugar’s comfort level. Underweight at her arrival, a diet that combines pellets with grass is helping bring this senior girl back to her correct weight. Today, she shares a corral with Rio and enjoys being in charge of her own "herd."