Our story begins in 2003, with a sweet old quarter horse named Casper. Casper's legacy is a commitment to consistent, quality care for horses in need of a loving, life-long home. We are a volunteer-powered, non-profit organization led by people who love horses and believe that horses enrich lives. Our sanctuary is located east of Alpine.

In 2008 we became an Adoption Partner with County of San Diego Department of Animal Services. This partnership marked a change in our focus from owner-relinquished horses to those rescues by Animal Services from abuse, neglect or abandonment. Since our partnership began, we are pleased to announce that Animal Services has not euthanized a single medically manageable equine.

As a non-riding facility, our horses serve the important role of "ambassadors." We invite you to meet our herd here on our website. Some of their stories will tug at your heart strings. As you get to know our herd, we hope that you will join us in celebrating the unique qualities of each horse. It is the special character of each member of our herd that motivates us on a daily basis.

There are many philosophies when it comes to horses and their care. Our goal is to keep our horses as healthy as possible given their age and physical conditions. We cannot turn back the hands of time for our older herd members, nor can we cure every condition that ails them. Through regular veterinary care, sound nutrition, and thoughtful overall management we strive to ensure a high quality of life. In addition, through behavior management efforts we strive for "happy" horses, with low stress levels.

Although we have celebrated ten years of saving lives and healing hearts, we are still a young organization. In order to grow, we need help. We need volunteers to help with horse care and ranch chores, donors to provide financial support, and volunteers to help us develop all facets of our organization. If you share our passion for providing horses with loving, quality care, and have time to share, we would love to have you join our team.

Welcome to Horses of Tir Na Nog. We hope that you will enjoy the time you spend with our herd.

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